SlideLock 2.3

SlideLock 2.3

SlideLock 2.3

We just released SlideLock 2.3 with a whole lot of new features. Here is full changelog :

– Added “summary” option for banner settings
– Improved display when using the stock security
– Changed the default date format to show the day
– Prevent cache cleaning app from removing the custom wallpaper (you may need to reset your wallpaper)
– Removed the useless 0 in front of the time
– Sexy new wallpaper picker with default wallpapers
– Improved heads-up notifications
– Long click a notification to access settings
– Prevent double notifications
– Sexy new icon
– Added test landscape mode for tablets
– Reduced memory usage
– Added some non-intrusive ads in the free version (check out the “More free apps” section)
– New more discrete music playback controls
– Added a setting to disable the fullscreen album art
– Sexy new colors
– You now need to confirm your security before disabling the service/changing the security
– Bug fixes´╗┐

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2 thoughts on “SlideLock 2.3

  1. Michael Davis

    I think this is a well developed app, but I’m having the following issues:
    1 – The weather display is not displaying the weather.
    2 – Thepocket detection is not working. When I put my phone in my back pocket and walk, I can here and fell the screen chiming as buttons or widgets are bing pressed.

    Thanks in advance

    I have a sumsung note 4 with a moto 360 watch (I mention this because I have slient wear and loki. These wear apps work to unlock and slience my phone if my watch is within bluetooth range).

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