SlideLock 2.3.3

SlideLock 2.3.3

SlideLock 2.3.3

SlideLock 2.3.3 is now available on Google Play

– More stable immersive mode (hiding the navigation bar)
– Fixed WhatsApp notification display
– Bug fixes

Download on Google Play

3 thoughts on “SlideLock 2.3.3

  1. Walter Zepeda

    I bought this app and i love it, but Could you please in the next update add the feature REPLY : sms, whatsapp, Mail, etc…..from the
    Lockscreen. If you want i Will pay for that because is a feature than i saw in other app but yours is my favorite.

    Great Job.
    Thank You,

  2. Dimitar Maznekov

    There is collision when are installed together with Pushbullet and both services (SlideLock and Pushbullet) are active. The problems there isn’t any notifications on lock screen. Device lights, sound is coming but no notifications. When PushBullet is with turned off service is ok.
    Please fix it.

  3. Klaus

    Dear friends,

    I bought the slidelock and I am happy with it. I would have some suggestion if you want and some feature requests. I am using it with Android 5.0 so the following are my requests.

    – Quickreply (like you did it with the facebook messenger) do it please for Whatsapp and Telegramm,
    and all other chats if possible.
    – Quickreply also for “SMS” – “Short messages”
    – Quickreply also for E-Mail, Skype, Lync, Cisco Spark, Xing, Linkedin, etc.
    – Since the last update – when I try to enter the app, it shows me (Change Log) and the close button.
    How can I get that away?
    – Notes or Recording tool when you drag down the menĂ¼ :-) would be also nice I think :-)
    – Getting the phoncalls directly on the lockscreen :-)

    So If you have any question, do not hessitate to contact me :-)

    Cheers Klaus

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