Popup Notifier 8.0

Popup Notifier 8.0

Popup Notifier 8.0

The new Popup Notifier is here !

– Full redesign
– [EXPERIMENTAL] Quick reply ! Should work with most messaging apps, on Android 5 mainly
– New themes
– Improved filter feature
– Improved pocket detection (low battery usage)
– Notification priority setting (Android 5)
– Icon pack support
– Bug fixes

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5 thoughts on “Popup Notifier 8.0

  1. Martin Gronemann

    Hello, i am sorry to say this but version 8 is not the app i paid for. It’s not working like version 7.4.4 and does not look better.
    When you have a popup notification on your phone, it’s not possible to dismiss it with the home button and unless you push “close” or “view” it remains on the screen.
    I would like to purchase the app again if it could be like version 7.4.4 but version 8 is now uninstalled and i will be looking for somewhere to download the version 7.4.4 apk until you correct the app to what it was and what i paid for.

    Martin Gronemann

  2. Petra

    Dear All,

    I love popup notifier, but since the last update, my notifications (popup headers) are only in English and I did not find a way to change them to German.

    Can you help?

    Thank you.

    Have a nice day,


  3. mladen

    Dear Sir,
    After having installed a new pro version of your software my keyboard is disabled in an application from the Play Store(m-zaba).
    When I turn off your software the keyboard starts working again. Please contact me if you know how to solve this problem.
    Thanks a lot!
    Mladen Štuban

  4. Andrew Bleakley

    I am having problems with the quick reply feature. It does not come up when I receive a text message. It there any way this can be fixed?

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