NotifierPro 11.0

NotifierPro 11.0

NotifierPro 11.0

The new NotifierPro is available on Google Play. We fixed the compatibility with Android 5.0 and added a lot of features :

– New lockscreen display setting. The default is the lockscreen will only show when you have new notifications.
– Unlocking clears lockscreen notifications
– New icon
– The app now includes a custom lockscreen
– Individual action/max lines settings for heads-up mode and lockscreen mode
– New method to prevent duplicates
– Material design. Material design everywhere
– Bug fixes

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4 thoughts on “NotifierPro 11.0

  1. jason

    Hi. I use notifier pro just about every day….but its just stopped working. Its not off…but is sporadic…im getting some of my e-mails, some of my texts…that sort of thing.


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